Arranging fresh flowers in your home brings a host of benefits beyond just creating beauty in your space. Simply having fresh-cut flowers in your immediate environment can increase a sense of calm, happiness, and enthusiasm and is scientifically proven to reduce feelings of negativity. This workshop will teach you to appreciate, select and style flowers to creatively uplift and enhance your living spaces.

Beautify your home without having to make major design changes. Work with flowers and create beautiful pieces of art or accessorise with flowes to work with your current wall art or interior colours.
Whether it be small grouping of vases with simple garden blooms to creating a statement floral vase for that little extra attention making it more like an art installation, flowers can really play an exciting role in your home décor.
Flowers can speak volumes and speak to the colours of your furniture and decor. Even a super formal and modern space can feel inviting with the right floral centrepiece. Fill your space with towering branches. Use clear glass to make the the stems play part of design or opague vases to create bold statements of colour.

What you will learn?
Learn the tricks of the trade and how to care for your fresh cut flowers.
You will make your very own contemporary grouped floral display in a vase that you will get to take home and impress to your friends and family.

What to bring?
We provide everything you need from the flowers to the tools.

What to wear?
We always encourage our students to come dressed warm. Our environment is set for the flowers and it is slightly cooler than outside.
For your safety it is imperative that you wear closed toe shoes at all times.


The workshop will commence with a 30 minute demonstration on how to work with some of the most challenging vases. It will provide a platform of inspiration that will give you the confidence to design and create interior floral displays that you see pictured in leading interior design magazines. It is the how to guide for decorating your home with fresh flowers.

Duration | 1.5 Hours

Cost: $150