About us

When you step inside Melbourne Flower Merchant, you’ll immediately sense that it is very different to most florists.

Our ever-evolving flower collections reflect not only the changing seasons, but the changing times.

Melbourne Flower Merchant is inspired by Milanese architecture, upholding Melbourne’s merchant history and a future vision for modern retail floristry. Brushed with contemporary flair, the industrial elements backdrop spectacular displays of seasonal flowers and plants. Featuring our signature Melbourne blueprint map wrap.

From cultivation and wholesale through to retail and events, the founders of Melbourne Flower Merchant are proven leaders across all facets of the industry. They’ve spent years exploring the possibilities and applications of floristry, bringing to Melbourne a collective group of talented florists and paired them with other like minded creatives and artists to collaborate and showcase visual installations that take floristry to new heights and this is what elevates Melbourne Flower Merchant far above the pack.

“Our vision is to evolve and diversify with an ever changing world, bring a connectivity to nature that inspires and resonates, adapt an eco lens and offset environmental impact to affect positive change”



Our Team

Michael Spyrou

Founder Michael Spyrou’s original vision for the Melbourne Flower Merchant came from a multifaceted perception of what successful flower retailing should be about.

It should provide the very best range of varieties, present, new, unheard of, or previously unavailable varieties as well as develop new fresh ways to let people know and enjoy the fullest premium product. It should also house the best talent in floral design and provide a base for their talents to develop and evolve. It should promote the very essence and impact of a natural living product and house them in an environment that reflects and speaks of passion, individuality and style. A vision and practice often lacking in the traditional pre conceived ideals of floristry.

After a successful and ground breaking 10 year journey as the co-founder of Brunswick Street’s Flowers Vasette, Michael assembled a team with a diverse range of talents from management, floral design, retail, logistics and marketing and launched Flower Temple in 1999 followed by it’s online service in 2005.

Michael spends most of his time working in his newest retail concept store Melbourne Flower Merchant – A Fresh exciting mix of product and talent providing for a new generation of client.

“In this ever evolving e-commerce environment, flower retailing is a craft, you need to be working in the business to learn and understand the psychology of your customers – we are looking for a generation of client who values service, knowledge and experience as much as their purchase.”

Elizabeth Ricci
Creative Director

The Melbourne Flower Merchant team is led by Elizabeth Ricci, her role encompasses all facets of the business.

Alongside handling the day to day running of the business, Elizabeth’s talents in retail management and visual merchandising set the style and direction in the consistently changing environment.

Elizabeth searches nation wide for talented florists and like minded creatives to showcase and celebrate their skills directly to the public, keeping the business as leading edge in the industry is the main goal.

Elizabeth’s most recent project FloristBank a knowledge based platform bringing together leading florists nationally and internationally to educate, inspire, upskill and mentor the next generation of florists not only showed another side to the creative but raised the bar in an effort to elevate the standard in the industry.

With an international, national and local reputation Elizabeth Ricci maintains a constant philosophy in providing a base for talent to develop and evolve ultimately providing the customer with the best in product, service and knowledge.

“With over 28 years of experience in the flower industry, I never take that experience for granted, I always want to remain educated, relevant and inspired. I look for inspiration in nature, fashion, architecture, design and where it is most unexpected. I work well with like minded creatives where there is a mutual respect for each others craft. I have an undying passion to further my industry and I want to share my journey with anyone that shares the same passion. I do things a little different and I create my own opportunities, I own my weakness and thrive on my strengths.”

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Customer Service

Please contact Melbourne Flower Merchant on +61 3 9614 5557 for all general enquiries and order enquiries.
Or Email hello@melbourneflowermerchant.com.au

Store Location

Melbourne Flower Merchant
555 Bourke Street
Melbourne VIC 3000