Arranging fresh flowers in your home brings a host of benefits beyond just creating beauty in your space. Simply having fresh-cut flowers in your immediate environment can increase a sense of calm, happiness, and enthusiasm and is scientifically proven to reduce feelings of negativity. This workshop will teach you to appreciate, select and style flowers to creatively uplift and enhance your living spaces.

Australia is home to the world’s largest wildflower collection and it has certainly emerged as a popular trend for interior design.
There are a few different ways you can introduce Australian wildflower blooms into your home.
Using over sized bold wildflowers as a focal feature can create not only a statement piece but it will add depth and interest in any space.
Clustering vases together with more delicate Australian wildflowers and foliage is a great way to tell a story showcasing the beautiful textures, tones and intricacy of our much celebrated flora.

What you will learn?
You will learn how to design, prepare and make a loose style hand tied bouquet filled with Australian wildflowers and foliage that you will take with you to display in your home.

What to bring?
We provide everything you need from the flowers to the tools.

What to wear?
We always encourage our students to come dressed warm. Our environment is set for the flowers and it is slightly cooler than outside.
For your safety it is imperative that you wear closed toe shoes at all times.


The workshop will commence with a 30 minute demonstration exploring different ways you can create floral displays in the home using Australian wildflowers and foliage along with handy tips on how to care and get the best longevity from your displays.

Duration | 1.5 hrs
Cost: $120