Rhipsalis Cascade

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Rhipsalis Cascade


A cascading Rhipsalis plant in a halo sandstorm ceramic pot.
Overall Height approximately 30cm.

Rhipsalis, also known as mistletoe cactus, is a family of epyphitic cacti native to Central and Southern America. There are over 35 different species of this plant and they can come in all different shapes and sizes.

Rhipsalis is an extremely hardy plant they prefers bright, indirect light and can tolerate direct morning and evening light. The best place to put it is at least a few feet removed from a window.

Rhipsalis will let you know when it’s thirsty because its tendrils will start to pucker and lose rigidity. It’s recommended to water once a week, or whenever the soil becomes dry.

Rotate your plant periodically to ensure even growth on all sides and dust the stalks often so the plant can photosynthesize efficiently.