Monstera Peach

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Monstera Peach


A medium size Monstera in a peach halo ceramic pot.

Overall height approximately 65cm.

Monsteras are low-maintenance plants that are great for any beginning plant owner. They are also very flexible when it comes to light requirements. The Monstera prefers bright, indirect sunlight. Make sure to avoid too much direct sunlight in the summer because this could cause burn marks on those big and beautiful leaves. The plant needs light to be able to grow. If you keep the Monstera in an area that’s too dark, its leaves will turn yellow. If you see this happen, it’s a sign that you should move the plant to a better-lit environment. Monsteras are tropical plants, which means they like to sit in moist soil. When it comes to watering, it needs to be watered as soon as the soil at the top of the pot is dry, usually every two weeks.