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A jar filled with seasonally available local flowers in a pink colour palette.
Select the option of the complete look or just the refill posy.
At Melbourne Flower Merchant we create beautiful seasonal colour combinations. The quickly changing season presents a bountiful array of varying combinations. Trust our expert florists to come up with the best selection on the day. We make every effort to deliver what is pictured but from time to time we may elevate the combination with something similar of equal value. We know flowers…


It’s not surprising that we’ve embraced the humble Ball Mason Jar, given its incredible versatility and endless list of applications! While it’s primary purpose is for canning and food preservation, it is also useful for packaging, storage, DIY projects and more.

This Jar Runner collection represents an environmentally responsible consumer choice for those wanting to send, enjoy and receive flowers more responsibly. All floral arrangements will go out in a reusable jar which can be refilled on request. The flowers are locally grown and sourced and make the ideal desk companion.

We also offer custom branding for those who wish to use this service for corporate gifting. Please contact the store direct to arrange a quote.

This collection is inspired by the little coffee nooks of Melbourne.

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Jar + Flowers Pictured, Refill Flowers Only