We Know Flowers

Our store comes alive after sun rise as the trams rattle down Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD and Melbourne’s commuters make their way to the office clutching their coffee cups. The morning sunlight streams through the front glass casting baby rainbow reflections on our wall. A construction worker comes in to order a bouquet to collect in the afternoon and offers an update on his construction project, an EA rushes in to order boardroom flowers for a lunch event that slipped out of the diary, leaving with a sigh of relief that everything is in hand. Two colleagues linger over our tiered display debating the favourite colour of the birthday girl as they hustle to get back to the office in time to present her with the bouquet for morning tea. The skateboarder who has been ushered off site by security on numerous occasions comes in to buy a candle. The local café owner comes in to collect a bunch of bright blue delphiniums and shares his thoughts on Megan and Harry.

A regular customer that knows his flowers doesn’t need help, he needs space. He returns weekly to painstakingly select each stem for his partner’s bouquet, watching as they are arranged to his liking. There’s a new customer who looks lost, she thinks her friend has allergies, but she loves flowers. She looks at the flowers terrified but only minutes later she walks out happy and reassured. Behind every florist’s bench there is a florist. Every florist is different. As is every customer that walks through our doors. No one day is the same. What remains the same is having the ability to give people the gift of flowers and share our knowledge. Combinations come together in trusted hands, and the flowers arranged for many personalities, occasions and tastes, awaiting to be delivered and loved.

Flowers are one thing, people are another.  We know what get’s results and we know flowers….